Profile and International Partnerships

We work across the global economy.

Our interests are extraordinarily diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit.

We advocate for blockchain technology in every possible sector of civilization that could benefit from it.

We are a team of tech enthusiasts eager to apply our skills for the benefit of a global village.

We currently have a partnership with Vienna Austria based organization City of Blockchain Vienna, an independent and private association in cooperation with the Vienna City Administration, whose goal is to establish Vienna on an international stage as a leading center of blockchain and cryptographic technologies. Vienna is attracting comprehensive know-how, technical and business experts, specialized start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs, interested corporations and family businesses, as well as other organizations and stakeholders to their ecosystem.

We are also establishing a relationship directly with the Austrian Government to initiate the process of implementing a nation wide blockchain to assist in governmental digitization improving systems for citizens.

We are prepared and equipped for a world where skills in AI, AR/VR, Data Science, Mobile App Development, Pristine Cybersecurity, SaaS in the cloud, new tech adaptability, digital transformation, engineering/coding, applied machine learning, programming, cross team functionality/communication, will be paramount.

We are working on the first national cryptocurrency exchange powered by clean energy.